Lady Bikes On The News!

We held our first trainee graduation ceremony on the Saturday 14th September.

It went so well. It was very exciting to be involved in the 1st Ladybikes Trainees Graduation Ceremony on Saturday where 8 of the graduates received their certificate of achievement. The response from a number of attendees and trainees was “very good” “wonderful” “exciting” “very professional“ “enjoyable” and “first time such a ceremony has been held in Bungoma”. The local TV news reporters turned up and a video was taken, plus two of us were interviewed. I was told that the video report would be on the TV news sometime in the next few days ( now have a copy of the video). We are making History in Kenya. I had to pay for transport for some of the trainees’ relatives to come to the Graduation as well as locals parents and friends for a boda boda fare to return home. EXPECTATIONS like this do wear you down.

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