Empowering young African women
to be self-employed Boda Boda
riders and employed courier riders

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Why Ladybikes was Established

In Kenya and other African countries there are millions of men riding motor bikes, as part of their means of employment as “ Boda Boda” riders – a cheap form of taxi, moving people and goods. In 2017, Bruce Foley could not find one woman riding a motorbike during his fifth trip to Kenya and started thinking about the employment opportunity for young single disadvantaged women this could allow.

Young women moving from absolute poverty to a sustainable living

Our Mission

“To provide capital funding, training and
operational resources to young disadvantaged African women”

boda boda rider

Our Program

step 1

4 weeks of selection of
candidates and introduction
to motor bike features and safety

step 2

4 weeks training to gain rider’s licence

step 3

4 weeks practical training working as Boda Boda and courier riders

step 4

Ladybikes International leases motor bikes to successful women

Bruce Foley

Founder of Ladybikes International

“To empower young disadvantaged African women to be self-employed Boda Boda riders and employed courier riders”

bruce foley

Become a Partner

step 1

Complete an application form

step 2

Accept the offer by signing an Agreement

step 3

Establish the program

step 4

Submit monthly reports

The 3 Women on Boxers are Models

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The New Trainees

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Cheque from Maitland Sunrise

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Volunteers Contact Information

Nancy Odhiambo

P: +254 791571289
E: nacieodhiambo@gmail.com

Dr. Roberts Makanda

P: +256704595613

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