Empowering young African women
to be self-employed Boda Boda
riders and employed courier riders

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Why Ladybikes was Established

In Kenya and other African countries there are millions of men riding motor bikes, as part of their means of employment as “ Boda Boda” riders – a cheap form of taxi, moving people and goods. In 2017, Bruce Foley could not find one woman riding a motorbike during his fifth trip to Kenya and started thinking about the employment opportunity for young single disadvantaged women this could allow.

Young women moving from absolute poverty to a sustainable living

Our Mission

“To provide capital funding, training and
operational resources to young disadvantaged African women”

boda boda rider

Our Program

step 1

4 weeks of selection of
candidates and introduction
to motor bike features and safety

step 2

4 weeks training to gain rider’s licence

step 3

4 weeks practical training working as Boda Boda and courier riders

step 4

Ladybikes International leases motor bikes to successful women

Bruce Foley

Founder of Ladybikes International

“To empower young disadvantaged African women to be self-employed Boda Boda riders and employed courier riders”

bruce foley

Become a Partner

step 1

Complete an application form

step 2

Accept the offer by signing an Agreement

step 3

Establish the program

step 4

Submit monthly reports

Latest News

Our First Boda Boda Rider Working As A Taxi Rider.

Our First Group Of Trainee’s Graduation.

The 3 Women on Boxers are Models

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The New Trainees

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Cheque from Maitland Sunrise

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Testimonies on how Ladybikes has changed the world of:

1: Praxidise

She can now afford to eat three meals in a day. Before she used to eat one meal a day.

The proceeds from the motorbike enabled her to lease one acre of land to plant sweet potatoes in 2020. Some of the potatoes from the said land was sold to neighbors during the lockdown due to covid 19. She used the motorbike to deliver some sweet potatoes to a nearby markets. This was convenient and affordable as compared

to hiring one for the same purpose.


This year she leased another one acre to plant maize.

Her efforts at farming have given her a platform to offer motivational talks to young people in her community on how they can engage in productive and profitable ventures. She also gives tips to other farmers on how to grow sweet potatoes. To the same famers, she sells them seeds for planting.

The money from the motorbike rides has enabled Praxidise to support two of her siblings through University.

At the same time, she has been able to pay school fees for her two children, on time.

She has been able to join a self-help group where they engage in table banking.

She finished her testimony by stating that she can pay her bills as well as buy descent     clothes.

2: Jacklin

Before Ladybikes rescued my situation, I was struggling with my children at my single Mother’s home, together with my younger siblings. This is after my husband had left too. By this time our family could hardly afford a single meal per day.

But since I got the motorbike from Ladybikes International, I now have some money in the pocket and my family can afford three meals a day.

When my husband learnt that I owned and was riding a motorbike, he was very happy and made effort to be reunited with his family. We are now happily living together and taking care of our children.

I used part of the proceeds from the motorbike to grow maize and plant beam. I was able to harvest about 90kg of maize. This has given us food security.

Since my mother struggled while raising us, I am now able to give her financial assistance. I used part of the money to purchase some iron sheets and when my husband saw that, he bought thirty more iron sheets and we are about to finish constricting a bigger house.

I am very grateful to Bruce and Ladybikes International because they have empowered me. I am now able to hire labour for my farm and construction, and can afford to pay their wages. Indeed Ladybikes has been of great help to me and my family

May God bless Bruce.

3. Maureen Gelas

Ladybikes international has enabled her to pay school fees for her three children on time. The first born sat for the end of primary Exams (KCPE) and past very well coring 370 marks which is an average of 74 marks per subject.

Because she, now assured of regular income, she has joined a community self-help group (popularly known as Chama here in Kenya). Here they save and practice table banking.

The money made from motorbike rides has enabled Maureen to keep poultry of chicken and ducks.

She recently bought land measuring a quarter of an acre, placing a down payment for the same out to the proceeds of the aforementioned activities.

Her family is now able to have three good meals a day as opposed to so before she got the motorbike.

Rent payment now paid on time opening up a friendly tenant – landlord relationship as opposed to hostile one previously.

Fitly Maureen family can now lead a healthier life and when one gets sick she can meet their medical expenses. She can take a long journey when called upon M the event of loss of a loved one, on her motorbike.

Indeed Ladybikes international has opened up Maureen’s world and made things that were a pipe dream initially to become a reality.

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